The purpose of the Renters Council is to act as a driving force in the development of a tenants’ rights and protections agenda within the California Democratic Party for the benefit of the 18 million Californian renters.

The Council shall promote policy and legislation consistent with our principles and support those Democratic Party office holders and officials proposing and carrying out such policies.

General Membership Meeting

April 29, 2021, 5:30-7pm

Tentative Agenda

Welcome, Introductions, and 2020-2021 Summary

Bylaws Amendments

1. Increasing number of Officers at Large from 2 to 4.

(As this vote will take place before ballots are counted, this will apply to the current election).

Change Article III, Section A.1.e to:

Four [4] Officers at Large

2. Clarify which counties are in which regions.

(Note - this does not change the regions, it just makes the bylaws easier to understand)

Change Article III, Section A.1.b. i, ii, and iii to:

Southern Region shall consist of Imperial, Inyo, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Ventura County.

Central Region shall consist of Fresno, Kern, Kings, Madera, Mariposa, Merced, Mono, Monterey, Santa Barbara, San Benito, Santa Cruz, San Joaquin, San Luis Obispo, Stanislaus, Tulare, and Tuolumne County.

Northern Region shall consist of all counties not in the Southern or Central Region.

Legislation Updates

If you would like to speak, please reply to this email with details.

Board Elections

The following candidates have filed to run for the 2021-2022 Board. Voting will be electronic using OpaVote. More information will be sent in April as we get closer to the election.

To view candidate statements and request a ballot, go to

Mari Perez-Ruiz

Alfred Twu

Vinnie Bacon

Northern Vice Chair
Zac Bowling
Igor Tregub

Central Vice Chair
Arturo Rodriguez Leon

Southern Vice Chair
Andrew Lewis

Officer at Large (2 elected, 4 if bylaws amendment passes)
Alireza Mosallaie
Marshal Caro
Logan Legg
Imber Anakata
Esther Malkin
Ramon Montano Márquez
Monica Madrid
Lauren Buisson
Susie Shannon
Rafa Sonnelfeld

2021 Elections

AD18 Special Election

Stop the Recall campaign


Announcement of Board Election Results


Candidates Forums with CA Democratic Party Candidates

View the Video!

CA Dem Party
Chair Candidates

CA Dem Party
Vice Chair, Secretary, and Controller Candidates

During California’s worst housing crisis in recorded history, we at the California Democratic Renters Council intimately understand the importance of electing public officials who will fight to ensure we keep a roof over every person and child’s head. Our Democratic Party ADEMs (Assembly Delegates) are pivotal in ensuring we elect representatives who will support renters. Here are our endorsements for the ADEM elections:


Natalie J Higley

Sean Raycraft

Logan Legg

Dr. Amy Champ

Mohammad Kashmiri
César Aguirre


David Hildebrand

Monica Madrid

Ales Lee

Max Perrey

Ralph Miller

Jerry Threet

Zach Denney

Gabriel Haaland

Kenji Yamada

Susan George

Ryan Skolnick

Cassandra James

Shane Krpata

Kate Harrison

Alfred Twu

Soli Alpert

Melvin Lee Willis Jr.

Alexandria Rodriguez


Wietske Medema

Mark Van Landuyt

Cedric Jackson

Kieryn Darkwater

Kiisha Orr

Rabi'a Keeble

Malia Vella

Mari Perez-Ruiz

Rodney Nickens

Allyssa Victory

Amanda Gallo

Richard Raya

Charina Enciso

Gary Jimenez

Dylan M. Boldt

Zac Bowling

Andre Jones

Nina Moore

Fred Simon

VanCedric Williams

Marcus Ismael

Kelsey Pressnall

Vinnie Bacon

Austin Bruckner

Zachariah Oquenda

Sarabjit Kaur Cheema

Jennifer Esteen

Sara Raymond

Jatinderpal Sahi

Michael Kusiak

Denton Murphy
Dan Stegink

Emily Brandt


Kevin Ma

Forest Olaf Peterson


Rachel Jordanne Eala


Kyle Kelley

Tyller Williamson

Rafa Sonnenfeld

Kate Daniels

Ethan Sanchez


Isaac Lieberman


Shawnee Badger


Jo Ann Bollen

David Weiner


Karen Stevens


Renay Grace Rodriguez

Victoria Solkovits

Christopher Manabe


Katie Chan

Samir Mamoun Al-Alami

Leslie Chang


Caroline Torosis

Sepi Shyne

Jon Katz

Paul Song

Anastasia Foster

Jennifer Barraza

Sue Himmelrich

Isabel Storey

Angela Scott

Domi Piturro

Christopher Nikhil Bowen

Daniel Bral

Chelsea Byers

Steve Bott

Keith Coleman
Joshua Smith

Elizabeth Clark

David Silva

Michael Barth

Aaron Ordower


Lauren Buisson

Jose Gama Vargas

Amanda Miguel Staples

Yolanda Nogueira

Eric Pierce

Lauren Buisson

Carolyn Park

Hayley Coupon

Sergio Diaz


Martha Camacho Rodriguez

Sylvester Ani

David Cunningham


Joseph Luis Piñon


Brian Carolus

Timothy Beyer

Katherine Venn

Nicolas Gardner Serna

R.G. Wong


Andrew Swetland

Nina Baldwin
Kate Wasson


Jorge Gavino

Benjamin Vazquez
Joese Gloria Hernandez

Yenni Diaz


Joshua De Leon
Elaine Villanueva Bernal


Braulio Sanabria


Parshan Khosravi


George Majeed Khoury

Justin Domecillo


Alireza Mosallaie

Daniel O'Donnell


Kevin Lourens


Dan Castillo

Tiffany Gonzalez
Shane Parmely


Our candidate and ballot measure endorsements are here!

To read the full questionairre responses: Candidate Questionairre Responses


San Diego County

City of San Diego - Yes on Measure A
Affordable Housing Bond

Santee - No on N
Measure N would require future increases in residential density to be voted on at the ballot. This would make it difficult to build affordable housing.

Orange County

La Habra - No on X
Measure X would prevent a closed golf course from being redeveloped into housing.

Santa Ana
Jessie Lopez for City Council Ward 3

Inland Empire

Hesperia - No on N
Measure N would reduce the maximum density of apartment buildings to 8 units per acre and also require single family homes to be on 1/3-acre or larger lots.

Palm Springs
Christy Gilbert Holstege for Palm Springs City Council District 4

Los Angeles County

Konstantine Anthony for City Council
Yes on RC - Measure RC would create rent control to limit annual rent increases

Culver City
No on B - Measure B would repeal Culver City's rent control
Yes on RE - Real Property Transfer Tax for Essential Services
Yasmine-Imani McMorrin for City Council
Kelly Kent for School Board

Alexandria Contreras for City Council District 1

El Monte - Yes on HN - Measure HN would authorize the city to access state and federal funds to build up to 500 units of affordable housing each year for the next 17 years.

Monterey Park - Yes on JJ - Measure JJ would approve the updated General Plan Land Use Element, to allow more housing downtown.

Santa Monica
Anastasia Foster for Rent Board
Caroline M. Torosis for Rent Board


Tulare, Kings, & Kern Counties

Salvador Solorio-Ruiz for City Council
Veronica Vasquez for City Council
We are also giving special thanks to Delano Councilmember Bryan Osorio-Trujillo, who has been a strong supporter of tenants and will be running for re-election in 2022.

Kaweah Delta Hospital Board
Ambar Rodriguez for Hospital Board Zone 5

Josh Sulier for City Council D5

Terra Bella School District
Rachel J. Eala for Terra Bella School Board

Visalia Unified School District
Colijia Feliz for School Board

Fresno, Madera, Merced, Stanislaus, & San Joaquin Counties

David Paredes for Fresno Unified School District Area 5

Jennifer Hidalgo for City Council District 1

Marco Camacho Jr. for Oakdale City Council

Kimberly Warmsley for City Council District 6

William Muetzenberg for City Council
Yes on Y - Measure Y would allow housing in downtown at the future Valley Link train station.

Central Coast

Gail Morton for Marina City Council - District 3

Alan Haffa for Monterey City Council

Monterey Peninsula Airport Board
Jean Rasch for Monterey Peninsula Airport Board, District 3

Scott Davis for Salinas City Council, District 1
Anthony Rocha for Salinas City Council, District 6

San Luis Obispo
Kelly Evans for City Council

Jon Wizard for Seaside Mayor
Alexis Garcia-Arrazola for Seaside City Council

Soledad Unified School District
Yes on N - Teacher housing bond


Sacramento Valley

Dillan Horton for City Council District 2
Yes on B - Measure B would create a new neighborhood with 850 homes, including 150 affordable housing apartments.

Elk Grove
Ali Moua for City Council District 1
Regina Q. Banks for School Board Area 1

Yes on C- Measure C would create rent control to limit annual rent increases

North Coast

Yes on B - Measure B would authorize the city to access state and federal funds to build affordable housing.

Humboldt County
Yes on I - Measure I would authorize the county to access state and federal funds to build affordable housing.

North Bay

Chance Cutrano for Town Council

Rohnert Park
Jackie Elward for City Council District 4

San Francisco, San Mateo, & Santa Clara Counties

Alex Lee for State Assembly District 25

Mountain View
Sally Lieber for City Council
Lenny Siegel for City Council
Alex Núñez for City Council
John Lashlee for City Council

No on C - Measure C would ban the parking of RVs

Palo Alto
Cari Templeton for City Council
Raven Malone for City Council
Steven Lee for City Council

San Francisco
Connie Chan for Board of Supervisors District 1
Aaron Peskin for Board of Supervisors District 3
Vilaska Nguyen for Board of Supervisors District 7
Yes on A - Health, homelessness, parks, and streets bond.
Yes on G - Lowers voting age to 16 for city elections.
Yes on I - Increases transfer tax on property sales worth more than $10 million.
Yes on K - Measure K would authorize the city to access state and federal funds to build 10,000 units of affordable housing.

San Jose Evergreen Community College District
Omar Torres for Community College Board Area 7

City of San Mateo
Amourence Lee for City Council
No on Y - Measure Y would prevent the city from raising height limits until 2030, making it difficult to build affordable housing.

City of Santa Clara
Anthony Becker for City Council District 6

South San Francisco
James Coleman for City Council District 4

East Bay

Rob Bonta for Assembly District 18

AC Transit
Jovanka Beckles for AC Transit Ward 1

Alameda County Board of Supervisors
Vinnie Bacon for District 1 Supervisor

Alameda County unincorporated areas
Yes on X - bond measure for fire stations

City of Alameda
Malia Vella for City Council
Jim Oddie for City Council
Verna Castro for School Board
John Casselbery for School Board
Yes on Z - ends ban on apartment buildings

Jesse Arreguin for Berkeley Mayor
Ben Bartlett for City Council District 3
Sophie Hahn for City Council District 5
Richard Illgen for City Council District 6
Andy Kelley for Rent Board
Xavier Johnson
for Rent Board
Mari Mendonca for Rent Board
Leah Simon-Weisberg for Rent Board
Dominique Walker for Rent Board
Yes on JJ - raises City Council salaries to a full time living wage.
Yes on MM -expand registration to partially exempt units and preserve COVID tenant protections while continuing to encourage the construction of new accessory dwelling units.

Contra Costa Community College
Fernando Sandoval for Contra Costa Community Colleges Trustee, Ward 5

Yogi Chugh for Fremont City Council District 6

Elisha Crader for City Council
Lacei Amodei for City Council
Nestor Castillo for City Council
Francisco Zermeno for City Council

New Haven Unified School District
Melissa Shuen-Mallory for School Board Area 2

Dan Kalb for City Council District 1
Carroll Fife for City Council District 3
Rebecca Kaplan for City Council At-Large
Yes on RR - removes cap on code enforcement fines.

Melvin Willis for City Council District 1
Claudia Jimenez for City Council District 6

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