General Membership Meeting

April 29, 2021, 5:30-7pm


Tentative Agenda

5:30 Welcome, Introductions, and 2020-2021 Summary(Mari)

Approve Agenda.  Passes.  30 yes, 1 abstention

Approve Minutes from 2020-07-24 meeting  Passes 30 yes, 1 abstention, 1 no

Rob Bonta will be joining and speaking at 5:40

5:45 Bylaws Amendments

Igor: Motion to adopt both amendments, a modified amendments, from 2 to 5. Second Javad Joseph Ayala
Passes 25-1-0

1. Increasing number of Officers at Large from 2 to 4.

(As this vote will take place before ballots are counted, this will apply to the current election).

Change Article III, Section A.1.e to:

Four [4] Officers at Large

2. Clarify which counties are in which regions.

(Note - this does not change the regions, it just makes the bylaws easier to understand)

Change Article III, Section A.1.b. i, ii, and iii to:

Southern Region shall consist of Imperial, Inyo, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Ventura County.

Central Region shall consist of Fresno, Kern, Kings, Madera, Mariposa, Merced, Mono, Monterey, Santa Barbara, San Benito, Santa Cruz, San Joaquin, San Luis Obispo, Stanislaus, Tulare, and Tuolumne County.

Northern Region shall consist of all counties not in the Southern or Central Region.

6:00pm Legislation Updates

Assembly Candidate Questions:

“What are your thoughts with regards to Costa Hawkins and Costa Hawkins reform?”

“How would a Rental Registry improve the ability to track those who most need Housing in your District?”

“Do you Support the recall of Article 34?”

Housing Now! Endorsed bills (Igor/Andrew)
AB1487 - Legal assistance for renters.  From Asm. Gabriel.  Up for Assembly floor vote.
    AB 71: Permanent Source of Homelessness Funding-  Corporate tax .  Asm Luz Rivas

    AB 1188: Rental Registries- 

Introduced by Assembly Members Wicks and Kalra - “Existing law establishes the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) and requires it to administer various housing programs. Existing law establishes a program for providing rental assistance, using funding made available pursuant to existing federal law to provide financial assistance and housing stability services to eligible households, as provided, administered by HCD.

This bill, in order to ensure that data is available for research and analysis to inform future state policy and programs, would require HCD to retain data from designated sources for at least 10 years, including data on the state rental assistance program, information submitted by eligible grantees that received the federal funding, and data on rental registries operated by local governments, as specified.”

    AB 328: Reentry Housing Program - Introduced by Assembly Members Chiu, Kalra, Quirk-Silva and Wicks “Existing law establishes the Department of Housing and Community Development in the Business, Consumer Services, and Housing Agency and makes the department responsible for administering various housing programs throughout the state, including, among others, the Multifamily Housing Program, the Housing for a Healthy California Program, and the California Emergency Solutions Grants Program.

This bill would establish the Reentry Housing and Workforce Development Program. The bill would require the department to, department, on or before July 1, 2022, to take specified actions to, upon appropriation by the Legislature, provide grants to counties and continuums of care, applicants, as defined, for innovative or evidence-based housing and housing, housing-based services services, and employment interventions to allow people with recent histories of incarceration to exit homelessness and remain stably housed. The bill would require the department to establish a process, in collaboration with the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and with counties in which recipients are operating, for referral of participants, in accordance with certain guidelines and procedures.”

    AB 854: Reform of Ellis Act.  From Asm. Lee (2 year bill, needs to pick up more support) - 

Introduced by Assembly Member Lee- “Existing law, commonly known as the Ellis Act, generally prohibits public entities from adopting any statute, ordinance, or regulation, or taking any administrative action, to compel the owner of residential real property to offer or to continue to offer accommodations, as defined, in the property for rent or lease.

This bill would prohibit an owner of accommodations from filing a notice with a public entity of an intent to withdraw accommodations or prosecuting an action to recover possession of accommodations, or threatening to do so, if not all the owners of the accommodations have been owners of record for at least 5 continuous years, or with respect to property that the owner acquired within 10 years after providing notice of an intent to withdraw accommodations at a different property.

This bill would require an owner of accommodations notifying the public entity of an intention to withdraw accommodations from rent or lease to identify each person or entity with an ownership interest in the accommodations, as provided. That information would be available for public inspection. The bill would prohibit an owner or any person or entity with an ownership interest from acting in concert with a coowner, successor owner, prospective owner, agent, employee, or assignee to circumvent these provisions. The bill would provide specified, nonexclusive remedies for a violation.”

    AB 1199: Corporate Landlord Transparency & Excise Tax - “This bill would impose an annual excise tax upon a qualified taxpayer, as defined, for the privilege of renting or leasing out qualified property, as defined, in this state at an unspecified a rate based on of 25% of the gross receipts of the qualified taxpayer that are derived from rental income. The bill would require the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration to collect the tax pursuant to the Fee Collection Procedures Law and would require all amounts collected, less refunds and administrative costs, to be deposited in the Homes for Families Fund, which the bill would create. Upon appropriation, the bill would require that moneys in the fund be used for specified purposes relating to rental assistance, homelessness, affordable housing, and housing counseling services.”

SCA2 - Repeal of Article 34 (limits on public housing) (Sen. Allen & Wiener) 

AB1516 - Affordable Housing Tax Preservation Tax Credit: AB 1516 (Assm. Gabriel) 

Other bills (Andrew)

AB858 - Requires local govt enforce housing habitability complaints.  At Assembly floor.
AB1241 - Ban the Box (Asm. Jones - Sawyer) - in committee - 

AB 1241 “Ban the box” on rental applications. Applications will no longer be able to require tenants to disclose past criminal records. Landlords can still do background checks after receiving the application. If they find anything, they have to notify the applicant and give them time to correct errors in the records or provide an explanation.”

Existing law, the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, generally prohibits housing discrimination with respect to the personal characteristics of race, color, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, ancestry, familial status, source of income, disability, veteran or military status, or genetic information.

This bill would make it an unlawful housing practice for the owner of a rental housing accommodation to inquire about, or require an applicant for a rental housing accommodation to disclose, a criminal record during the initial application assessment phase, as defined, unless otherwise required by state or federal law. After the successful completion of the initial application assessment phase, the bill would permit an owner to request a criminal background check of the applicant and consider an applicant’s criminal record in deciding whether to rent or lease to the applicant. The bill would require an owner who is considering denying an application on the basis of the applicant’s criminal record to, within 5 days of receiving the information that is the basis of the possible denial, provide the applicant with a written statement listing the reasons for the possible denial before making a final decision. If, within 3 days of receipt of the written statement of the possible denial, the applicant provides the owner notice of evidence demonstrating the inaccuracy of the item or items within the applicant’s criminal record or evidence of rehabilitation or other mitigating factors, as specified, the bill would require the owner to reconsider their decision for a specified time, and would require the owner to provide written notification to the applicant of the owner’s final decision to deny the application.”

AB978 - Mobile home rent cap, 3% + inflation, or 5%, whichever is less.  From Asm. Quirk-Silva.  

AB 978 Rent cap + eviction protections for mobile homes. Max annual increase of either inflation+5% or 10%, whichever is less. Similar to 2019’s AB1482, which covered other types of housing.”

In committee - “This bill would, until January 1, 2030, prohibit the management of a qualified mobilehome park park, as defined, from increasing the gross rental rate for a tenancy for a mobilehome space more than 5% 3% plus the percentage change in the cost of living, as defined, or 10%, 5%, whichever is lower, of the lowest gross rental rate charged for the immediately preceding 12 months, as specified. The bill would define “qualified mobilehome park” as a mobilehome park that is located within and governed by the jurisdictions of 2 or more incorporated cities. The bill would prohibit management of a qualified mobilehome park from increasing the gross rental rate for a tenancy in more than 2 increments over a 12-month period, after the tenant maintains a tenancy over a 12-month period. The bill would exempt specified mobilehome spaces from these provisions, including, among others, mobilehome spaces restricted by deed, regulatory restriction contained in an agreement with a government agency, or other recorded document as affordable for very low, low-, or moderate-income persons and families and mobilehome spaces within a resident-owned mobilehome park. The bill would specify that these provisions apply to rent increases for mobilehome spaces occurring on or after February 18, 2021. The bill would provide that in the event that management increased the rent by more than the amount specified above between February 18, 2021, and January 1, 2022, the applicable rent on January 1, 2022, shall be the rent as of February 18, 2021, plus the maximum permissible increase, and that management shall not be liable to the homeowner for any corresponding rent overpayment. The bill would authorize management who increased the rent by less than the amount specified above between February 18, 2021, and January 1, 2022, to increase the rent twice within 12 months of February 18, 2021, but not by more than the amount specified above. The bill would void any waiver of the rights under these provisions.”

Senate Housing Package: “Building Opportunities for All / BOFA”
AB1068 - Affordable Housing Alternative Models of Development Model Plan (Asm Santiago) - Check with Susie Shannon if you want to testify tomorrow. 

AB 1068 Model plan for reducing costs through innovation. This could include mixed income housing that cross-subsidizes the low income homes, modular housing, as well as reuse of existing buildings.”

SB5 - $6.5 affordable housing bond, SB6 commercial zones, SB9 lot splits & duplexes, SB10 small apartment buildings - in committee

AB71, SB5, AB1068, SB9, SB10 will all be debated at tomorrow’s Legislation Committee 4:30pm meeting.  If you want to testify, join a few minutes before the meeting starts to get on the speakers list.  Non-delegates: Register first at www.cdpconvention.org

I made a summary at tinyurl.com/2021housingbills

2021 Elections

AD18 Special Election

Stop the Recall campaign

James Aguilar, AD18 --- Igor
Victor Aguilar, AD18 --- Igor
Malia Vella, AD18 --- Igor
Janani Ramachandran - AD18 (only available after 6:30) --- Igor
Mia Bonta - AD18  available 6:30-6:44 --- Igor
Catherine Blakespear, SD36 candidate - Tentative -- Andrew
Fatima Iqbal-Zubair, AD64 -- Andrew
Dr Sion Roy, AD50 -- Andrew
Mia Livas Porter AD51 -- Andrew
Eric Curry CD12 -- Igor

1) Do you feel that SB 91 is sufficient to stop the impending eviction cliff? If so, why; if not, why not? What will you do as an assemblymember to keep tenants housed? (2) What do you feel is the most important bill that has been introduced in the legislature and why? What tenant rights or housing legislation will you introduce or work on if elected?

6:50pm Announcement of Board Election Results
North Vice Chair
At Large
Esther Malkin
Susie Shannon
Imber Anakata
Monica Madrid
Alireza Mosallaie

Elect Mari, Alfred, Arturo, Andrew, Vinnie by acclamation. Passed

Speeches from new members of the board - 10 minutes

Emergency motion from Susie Shannon to send a letter to the Legislature to provide 2.4 billion more in rental assistance to add to the 2.6 so far. (Susie will draft it) Second by Arturo  Pass 29-0-0

Rocky: August E-Board (tentatively last week of August) might still be a remote one.