2023 Special Election and 2024 Primary and General Election Endorsements

The Renters Council interviews and endorses Democrats running for state and local office that are committed to supporting tenants.  We also endorse state and local ballot measures.  

August 29, 2023: Renters Council Endorsement Ballots Sent to Members via Opavote

Over 40 candidates have applied for endorsement! 

All candidates who applied are Democrats who pledge to support the enactment or expansion of rent control including Costa-Hawkins repeal, tenant protections from eviction, the right of legal representation for tenants, other tenant protections such as limiting when the Ellis Act can be used, the preserving of existing housing and the production of new affordable housing.

Candidates were asked if they are a renter, a landlord, or neither. We also asked who supports them, what their plan is for housing and tenant protections, what their position is on legislation that Renters Council has supported, and finally, if they have taken or plan to take money from landlord organizations.

You can see their questionnaire answers at this link:


Voting closed at 9pm on Friday, September 15.  

Endorsement Results