May 13, 2024


1. Call to Order / Roll Call

Present: Mari, Art, Alfred, Susie, Igor, Monica, Annie (7:18), Yesenia (7:30)

Absent: Yesenia

Excused: Esther, Larry, Vinnie

2. Approval of Agenda

Alfred motion, Art 2nd

3. Approval of November 2023 Meeting Minutes

Art motion, Monica 2nd

4. Treasurer's Report


Art motion, Monica 2nd

5. Secretary's Report

Legislation is in Appropriations Committee - see our support/oppose list at

Ballot Measures
Justice for Renters Act (Support)  Similar to Prop 10 and Prop 21. Repeals Costa Hawkins. Party had unanimous or near-unanimous support for both in the past. 

SCA 2 (Support) Public Housing - makes it easier for cities to authorize the building of housing

ACA 1 (Support) Affordable Housing and Infrastructure - makes it easier for cities to fund housing

ACA 13 (Support) Protect the Majority Vote - measure to counter the Taxpayer Protection Act

Oppose “Taxpayer Protection Act” -  would make it harder to fund housing by raising the threshold to 2/3 

Oppose “Protect Patients Act” - Attacks the 340B program that AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Planned Parenthood, and 800 other organizations.  340B is a drug rebate program for organizations that run free clinics.  340B program is under attack by Republicans. Concern is that if this measure passes, Republicans will use similar measures to defund Planned Parenthood, etc. That’s why the business orgs and Republicans that funded this measure have used the 340B program to go after AHF, even though they had other options to go after AHF.

6. Legislation Update from Francisco Dueñas from Housing Now! 

Tenant coalition priority bills:

ACA 10 - Housing as a human right. Currently in Appropriations. This is a long term campaign, due to budget deficit it’s going to be hard to pass.

Maintain $1 Billion funding in Homeless Housing, Assistance, and Prevention (HHAP) Program. Budget cuts would lead to a 1/3 drop in the building of new affordable housing. May Revise of the budget has added back in $500M for affordable housing LIHTC program. However, Homeless Service Funding is being cut by $260M, and the Adaptive Reuse Program ($127.5M) and Foreclosure Intervention Housing Preservation Program (FIHPP) are being eliminated ($236.5M).  Have until end of June to finalize budget, more negotiation is possible.

Priority calls: Governor and the President of the Senate (McGuire) and Speaker of Assembly (Rivas) on the budget.

AB1657 - $10 billion affordable housing bond. Includes funding for new housing, preservation of existing housing, and homeownership assistance.  In Senate Appropriations. Call these people:

AB1932 - Gets rid of tax deduction for vacation homes. Would raise $200 million for housing. Currently in Assembly Appropriations, next hearing 5/15.

Comment from Anastasia Foster on preservation programs: One issue we’ve run into is where existing occupied buildings are purchased to turn into income-restricted housing, but not all current tenants qualify.

AB2926 - Extends affordability covenants on income-restricted housing where the restriction is about to expire.  Each year about 4,700 units expire. In Appropriations. 

AB2584 (in Appropriations), AB1333 (Passed Assembly 48-1, now in Senate), SB1212 (died in committee) - limiting corporate landlords from buying up houses. 

SB1201 - LLC Transparency. In Senate Appropriations.

Full advocacy agenda: 

7. Central Updates


Central Valley

Central Coast

8. NorCal Updates 

Igor: Legislative Update on 2 energy bills

AB1999 - $24 cap on PG&E’s proposed flat rate utility tax that would charge tenants the same monthly tax as a mansion owner. It almost died, thousands of calls saved it, there is now a compromise that allows it to increase with inflation. Call Appropriations and Energy committee members.  Email if you can speak in committee on Wednesday around 1:30pm

If you are a constituent CALL THESE ASSEMBLY MEMBERS of Energy Committee
Lisa Calderon (916) 319-2056.

Philip Chen: 916-319-2059

Gregg Hart (916) 319-2037

Chris Holden  (916) 319-2041

Eloise Reyes: 916-319-2050

Miguel Santiago: 916-319-2054

Pilar Schiavo: 916-319-2040

Greg Wallis: 916-319-2047

Jim Wood:916-319-2002

Rick ZBUR -(916) 319-2051

2. Calls to Assembly Appropriations

    Everyone call the Chair; Asm Buffy Wicks  (916) 319-2014

    If you are a constituent CALL THESE ASSEMBLY MEMBERS

Script:  Dear Assembly member … my name is …………I am from your district…………...

I am asking you to vote YES for AB 1999. This, for you, is a career defining moment . Are you with utility profits or ratepayers pocketbooks? We have compromised at $24 a month. It’s still twice the national utility tax average and will still harm millions of ratepayers but we have accepted Speaker Rivas' compromise. Let’s pass this and move on.

Co Chair: Kate Sanchez. (916) 319-2071

Dr Joaquin Arambula. (916) 319-2031

Isaac Bryan. (916) 319-2055

Lisa Calderon. 916) 319-2056

Wendy Carillo. (916) 319-2052

Diane Dixon. (916) 319-2072

Mike Fong. (916) 319-2049

Timothy Grayson. (916) 319-2015

Matt Haney. (916) 319-2017

Greg Hart. (916) 319-2037

Jim Patterson. (916) 319-2008

Gail Pellerin  (916) 319-2028

Tri Ta. (916) 319-2070

Carlos Villapudua. (916) 319-2013

SB 1374: solar for renters Senate Appropriations Committee Members:


Unfortunately Sacramento voters listened to CAR and CAA and got rid of our main ally on city council (Katie Valenzuela), and voted in an anti-rent-control person that we’ll need to work on voting out in 2028.  Shoutout to Concord City Council (especially Councilmember McNamara) for passing rent control and defeating a proposed repeal ballot measure. 

9. SoCal Updates


Barrington Plaza Ellis Act Eviction Court Case

Santa Monica

Anastasia Foster: the city passed Measure GS to raise money for housing, similar to LA’s Measure ULA. A developer co-opted a former Mayor to exempt the first sale of any multifamily building from Measure GS. They are currently suing the city, claiming they only need 5% of registered voters, rather than 10%.

10. Legislative Scorecards

Annie has put these together at 

10. Announcements 

Anastasia Foster: is running for Community College Board this year after terming out of the Rent Board

Derek Devermont: running for DNC, was tenant for 40 years, worked in Santa Monica. 

Susie Shannon: running for DNC, Renters Council board member, worked on the Costa-Hawkins repeal propositions, has grown the DNC Poverty Council to over 700 members. Authored the Housing First resolution.

Analisa Swan: running for DNC, longtime member, supporting Glendale tenants union, electing pro-tenant people. Resolutions vice chair.

Jason Park: running for DNC, renter, 1st generation immigrant, supporting Costa Hawkins Repeal. 

Sandra Lowe: running for DNC, Sonoma, only Rural DNC member. On Sonoma City Council, appointing renters to General Plan committee. Working on ACA-1 ballot measure to lower pass threshold for housing bonds from 2/3 to 55%. Rural counties facing toughest housing situation such as restrictions on building new homes.

Alfred Twu: running for DNC, Renters Council Secretary, working on communication information 

Yes on Justice for Renters Act / No on Protect Patients Act / Renters Council E-Board Hospitality Suite, Friday 10:15pm-12pm. There will be food, including gelato!  There will be speakers as well. T-shirts available at the Justice for Renters office, and also at the Justice for Renters table at E-Board.

Saturday at 2:30pm - Resolutions Committee will be meeting on Ballot Measures. Show up to support our endorsed ballot measure positions. Stay for the Sunday votes in case things are pulled to the floor. 

11. Adjourn in memory of John Vigna, Peggy Moore, Hope Wood, Kathy Kensinger.

Motion Monica, 2nd Art