2022 Renters Council Convention Meeting
Thursday, March 3, 6-8pm, Online

Recording can be viewed at https://youtu.be/DyF-GFaQqOY

California Democratic Renters Council

March 3, 2022 Convention Meeting




1. Welcome/Introductions
Moment of Silence for Ukraine (Igor)

2. Approval of Agenda

3. Approval of 8/24/2021 Meeting Minutes

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RXd3RMMUNv71m7Ftjq150wHIVgx_JUweh1OakPolnB8/edit?usp=sharing  Motion Alireza, 2nd Alfred, approved unanimous
4. Endorsement Meeting & voting process (Alfred)  Ballots sent on March 4, Voting ends March 11
Motion Art, 2nd Vinnie


Housing Now CA Legislation Update (Francisco Duenas)
- Policies: Protect, Produce, Preserve
- Principles: Stability & Opportunity
Budget Allocations: AB1487 (eviction defense fund), Social Housing, Covid Protections
SB490 Housing Acquisition and Rehab technical assistance
AB1816 Re-Entry Housing & Workforce Development
SB513 Pet care for people who are homeless
AB2469 Statewide Rent Registry

AB1837 Moms4Housing foreclosure bill
AB1206 equitable taxation for land trusts
AB2203 ban on credit checks for section 8 residents
AB1685 parking ticket waivers for people living in cars
Pasadena Rent Control Ballot Measure
Utility Debt Relief
SCA2 Repeal of article 34
Housing status as protected class
SB1324 rental debt treated like consumer debt
Housing as a constitutional right
Right to Cooling bill
AB1482 cleanup bill
SB1017 Domestic Violence Renter Survivors
SB1176 State Level community reinvestment act
AB2382 Fair Chance Housing (oppose)


1. Treasurer's Report
We have $697.  $699 more coming from ActBlue.  We contributed to the Pasadena rent control campaign

2. Secretary's Report
3. NorCal Updates
- working on getting rent stabilization for unincorporated Alameda County

4. Central Valley Updates
- the drought has been an issue with reduced incomes and housing affordability

5. Central Coast Updates
- attempted to get a rental registry in Monterey, not successful, need a registry.  Working on voter reg.  Use #RentersVote hashtag

6. SoCal Updates
- LA City Council - Nithya Raman put in ordinance for more transparency on utility charges
- Asm. Friedman Legislative Update
- coauthored AB1436 (statewide covid protections) - please let her know what’s working and what’s not
- AB?21 (to deal with cities that refused to inspect complaints)

- Foster youth bill to give them more services
- working on parking reform to prioritize housing over cars
AB1695 adaptive reuse for low income rental housing (Santiago) unanimous Y
SB1456 property tax forgiveness for 100 percent affordable housing (Stern) unanimous Y
AB2053 social housing (Lee) 25 Y. 1 A
All three approved as CADEM Renters Council endorsed

Malia Cohen, Controller candidate
Jon Wizard (Assembly District 30)

Fatima Iqbal-Zubair (Assembly District 65)
Jennifer Esteen (Assembly District 20)
Tecoy Porter (Assembly District 10)
Cheryl Turner (Senate District 28)
Liz Ortega (Assembly District 20)
Marc Levine
Bryan Osorio (Senate District 16)
Dawn Addis
Mia Bonta
James Coleman (Assembly District 21)
Damon Connolly (Assembly District 12)
Elizabeth Alcantar (Assembly District 64)

1. Candidates who have filled out questionnaires- 3 min + Questions in chat

Sara Aminzadeh (Assembly District 12)

Laura Friedman (Assembly District 44)

Caroline Menjivar (Senate District 20)

2. Other Candidates - 2 min

Adjourned 7:57pm  Motion Art, 2nd Alfred