November 12, 2024


1. Welcome/RollCall

Board members present: Larry, Mari, Susie, Vinnie, Arturo, Esther, Igor, Alfred

Absent: Monica, Annie

+45 members

2. Approval of Agenda

Alfred motion, Art 2nd, approved voice vote

3. Approval of Minutes

Art motion, Vinnie 2nd, approved voice vote

4. Justice for Renters Statewide Ballot Initiative (Rent Control)

- Allows local government to expand rent control in their communities.

- Qualified for Nov 2024 ballot.

- Supported by unions such as Unite Here, California Nurses.

- Tenant orgs, ACCE, CES, 40 other nonprofits.

- Rally on Saturday morning 11/18, 9am, outside North Side of convention center

- 730,000 letters delivered to Governor - voters asking Gov to support, or at least go neutral on the measure

- E-Board members: please endorse.

- www.justiceforrenters.org

5. Treasurer Report

We have about $5700.  $1500 will be spent on the upcoming event.

6. Secretary Report

- Renters Reception at Prelude, 1117 11th St, Sacramento. Saturday, 11/18, 4-7pm

- Four of our endorsed candidates are going to be going to a CADEM endorsement caucus on 11/18, please vote for them

7. Northern Region Report - Igor Tregub

Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (Chris Schildt)

TOPA is a policy that gives tenants time to put together financing and an offer to purchase their homes when their landlord puts it on the market.

East Palo Alto just passed TOPA on first reading, 2nd reading coming up.

Berkeley also working on TOPA. Councilmember Kate Harrison has reintroduced it. Going to council agenda committee this week.

- TOPA has been heard multiple times at committee, and latest proposal has been amended to make it work for both tenants and small property owners. Owner-occupied buildings with 4 or fewer units are exempted.

Alameda County Unincorporated Just Cause Ordinance (Barisha Spriggs)

- Some progress has been made partnering with Public Advocates on seeing if California Department of Housing and Community Development can help out.

- The current supervisor representing unincorporated Alameda County has not been pro-renter, and takes money from California Apartment Association and has abstained on renter protections.

- Expiration of Alameda County eviction moratorium has caused an increase in evictions.

- We're also pushing for Right to Counsel (legal representation for tenants)

- You can support the Berkeley TOPA campaign and get updates by signing the petition here: https://www.change.org/p/pass-topa-in-berkeley-now?utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=custom_url&recruited_by_id=75ef4230-edc4-11ec-bc52-d393af78fe78

- Send a letter to city council now to put TOPA on the Nov 28 city council agenda: https://topa.good.do/yes2topa/agendizeTOPA/

Jennifer Esteen - Alameda County Supervisor Candidate, District 4

- Communities are struggling with a wealth gap

- Eviction tsunami of 50-100 evictions a day, with most of them in unincorporated Alameda County

- Half of the 150,000 unincorporated residents are renters

- Only 30% of tenants had legal representation

- Average rent in county is $3000 a month

- Platform: Housing, healthcare, jobs and justice for everyone

- Nurse, and also on board of county health system and Municipal Advisory Council for the unincorporated area

- We have an opportunity to elect the First Black openly LGBTQ County Supervisor in all of California!

- To learn more about my campaign: http://jenniferesteen.com 

Emeryville Councilmember Courtney Welch

- City has had groundbreaking for new building with 90 units of permanent supportive housing and space for food distribution.

- Emeryville has issued an Request for Proposals (RFP) for new affordable housing next to park and Emeryville Public Market. Helps bring affordable housing to a part of city closer to parks, jobs, grocery stores, etc. Having economically diverse neighborhoods is important.

- Under new policy, tenants will have access to free bulk waste pickups, similar to people in single family homes. Quality of life issue that helps prevent dumping during moveouts.

Fairfax Mayor Chance Cutrano

- Rent stabilization and just cause tenant protection ordinances went into effect December 2022 - Annual rent increases limited to 60% of consumer price index.

- Some adjustments made in September amendments based on comments from residents, such as exempting Junior Accessory Dwelling Units, Attached ADU's, and people renting a room in their house.

- Fairfax worked with MidPen housing to purchase the largest privately owned apartment complex and make it affordable housing.

- Landlords are attempting to repeal Fairfax rent control with a ballot measure coming in 2024, need to organize to defeat it.

- If you want to learn a bit more about the Fairfax ordinances reach out here at ccutrano@townoffairfax.org or ccutrano@gmail.com. You can also read the ordinances here: https://www.townoffairfax.org/renters-and-landlords/

Cassandra James for Solano County Supervisor

- SEIU 1021 Member, Mother, and Caregiver

- Running for the seat that represents Vallejo

- Sustainable Economic Growth

- Culturally Competent Public Safety

- Affordable Housing and Homelessness Services

- Has experience working on funding affordable housing

- Advocated for tenant protections and affordable housing 

- SEIU 1021, 2015 and Working Families Party endorsed

- www.ElectCassandraJames.com

Jackie Elward for State Senate D3

- Educator, mother, 1st generation immigrant

- Councilmember and former mayor of Rohnert Park, a pro-housing city

- There is still a gap between incomes and rents that needs to be closed

- Renters need to be treated the same as homeowners

- Has worked with the homeless population

- https://www.jackie4senate.com/

Marisol Rubio for State Senate D9

- Defender of reproductive rights

- Sierra Club CA

- Helping workers transition to green jobs

- Affordable workforce housing, especially for their teachers

- Supported by CA Teachers, SEIU, NUHW, East Bay Young Dems, etc

- https://www.marisolforca.com

Jovanka Beckles for State Senate D7

- Has been fighting for economic, social, racial, and environmental justice.  Brought national recognition to Richmond for banning the box, raising minimum wage, first new rent control policy in 30 years

- Former Richmond councilmember, now on AC Transit board, which got the most prestigious public transit award, through her work to get appreciation pay for workers, PPE for workers, and safety barriers.

- Took on Chevron

- 100% corporate free - the only one in SD7 not taking corporate money 

- Black Latina, queer immigrant woman

- Will work for rent control in California

- Endorsed by tenant unions, ACCE

- https://jovanka4casenate.com/

Save Solar for Renters - act by 11/13 noon

- Call Governor's office and CA Public Utilities Commission - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GaefTXbqOfm8GngUmnPOhefTgxA5Oc9kxwg6thIM6lg/edit

Sacramento updates

- No major updates at this time

8. Central Region Report - Art Rodriguez

- Renters Power Assembly took place in Fresno 11/11-11/12

- Councilmember Veronica Vasquez has championed Rent Control in Delano. Is now running for County Supervisor against another Delano councilmember that turned against rent control.

- Delano is the center of farmworkers movement

- City is currently in process of hiring a new city attorney, which will be important to rent control

- Delano will have rent control ballot measure in 2024

Veronica Vasquez, Kern County Supervisor candidate

- Knows the rural areas, and the resources that are there for people. The district includes rural areas plus a small, wealthy part of Bakersfield. Running a grassroots campaign.

- Previously ADEM delegate and a Central Committee member as well.

- Working to make sure we have preventative resources

- County employees are underpaid - we need union jobs that pay well.

- Would be first Latina, first Labor person, first person from Delano on the board.

- Right now 50% of county budget goes to Sheriff, who has been controversial. Changes are needed.



Central Coast - Esther Malkin

- Has talked to Speaker of Assembly Robert Rivas, getting support for renters

- City of Monterey has 4 sites that will be 100% affordable housing, with MidPen. Access to water supply is challenging, but 1 site has gotten it so far.

- City of Monterey has created a dedicated renter assistance program.

- Rental Registry passed

- Salinas council has directed staff to create a report on rent stabilization. Where Salinas goes, other smaller cities in area follow.

- Also worked with water utility on assistance for renters having hardship paying for utilities.  The utility is also working on water recycling to provide water supply for new housing.

Motion to extend to 9:15 - Igor, Alfred 2nd

9. Southern Region Report

SoCal vice chair is vacant. Mari is working on recruiting people. 

Susie Shannon

- LA City Council has meeting on Tuesday. Currently rent control allows up to Consumer Price Index, which is around 7% this year - a lot.

- There is a motion from Councilmember Soto-Martinez to extend rent freeze, it was extended to allow an increase but only up to 4%.

- If you live in LA, meeting is 10am, you can also call Councilmember and ask for rent freeze or 4% increase.

- Don't Sign the Petition for the Patient Protection Act - it would prevent the largest funder of rent control from suppoting ballot initiatives.

Larry Gross

- County Board of Supervisors passed a measure that limited rent increase to 4% in unincorporated LA County. Supervisor Horvath put it forward.

- Measure ULA real estate transfer tax to fund homelessness prevention, rent subsidies, legal counsel, affordable housing, etc - It passed in 2022, but Apartment Association challenged it in court. The Apartment Association lawsuit was recently thrown out in court. 

- LA Superior Court will be ruling on the Barrington Plaza case, where landlord wants to use Ellis Act to evict everyone for a renovation, even though they're not going out of business (the intent of the Ellis Act). Depending on ruling it could expand the number of Ellis Act evictions unless Legislature amends Ellis Act. 

- LA has lost over 30,000 rent controlled units to Ellis Act.

- Coalition for Economic Survival has filed lawsuit challenging the eviction.

- More info at https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/a-dirty-eviction-and-a-dangerous-precedent/id1538289887?i=1000618348040

Nick Schultz for Assembly District 44

- Burbank City Councilmember, worked on urgency ordinance to close renoviction loophole and expanded tenant protection ordinance including rent cap.

- Working on getting budget for Right to Counsel for renters. 

Rose Penelope Yee

Rae Vander Werf

- Water scientist

- State Scientists rally on Nov 18. Strike is happening. Many scientists are unable to afford housing.

- Support strike fund

Extend to 9:20 Alfred, Art

Coleen Cusack

Running for San Diego D3. Renters Council endorsed

Genesis Coronado AD52

- Longtime resident of East LA

- Grew up in public subsidized housing. Advocate on ensuring that rent is capped at 30% of income


Genesis Coronado

10. Tenant Legislative Report

11. Announcements

12. Adjourn 9:20pm


- SB567 Strengthening statewide tenant protection act

- SB555 Plan to build low and moderate income homes

Did not pass

- SB225 Preserving existing low cost housing by funding nonprofits to purchase it

- ACA10 Right to housing