2024 Endorsements

All candidates took our Candidate Pledge and received the support of at least 60% of votes cast during our endorsement process.

"I pledge to support the enactment or expansion of rent control including Costa-Hawkins repeal, tenant protections from eviction, the right of legal representation for tenants, other tenant protections such as limiting when the Ellis Act can be used, the preserving of existing housing and the production of new affordable housing."

This is the list of endorsed candidates as of September 15, 2023
More endorsements coming soon!

County Supervisors

Alameda County D4 - Jennifer Esteen

Kern County D4 -  Veronica Vasquez, MSW

LA County D5 - Konstantine Anthony

Monterey County D5 - No Consensus

Sacramento County D4 - Braden Murphy

Santa Clara County D5 - Sally J. Lieber

Solano County D1 - Cassandra James

City Councils

LA City Council D2 - No Consensus

LA City Council D14 - Ysabel Jurado

Pasadena City Council D3 - Brandon Lamar

Sacramento City Council D4 - Katie Valenzuela

San Diego City Council D3 - Coleen Cusack

Santa Cruz City Council D5 - Joe Thompson

The following candidates were previously endorsed prior to the 2024 Primary / California Democratic Party Post-Primary Endorsement Process
AD6 - Evan Minton
AD41 - Phlunte Riddle
SD7 - Jovanka Beckles

The following candidates were previously endorsed prior to the November 19, 2023 California Democratic Party Endorsing Convention.
AD48 - Brian Calderon Tabatabai
AD53 - Carlos Goytia
SD3 - Jackie Elward
SD37 - Alex Mohajer